About Me

Hi, my name is
Tristan Yang
, an undergraduate in Software Engineering, also a front-end web developer currently based in Beijing. I enjoy building fun things on the web that would make life better, and this is where my passion for programming comes from.
Most of the time, I'm writing TypeScript/JavaScript for work, and Elixir for fun. I also have previous experience with several languages like Kotlin, Java and Python. I'm intrested in a wide range of topics about computer and programming, especially functional programming and programming language theory. But I'm still learning right now and there's a long way to go.
Outside of programming, I'm also interested in linguistics and learning different languages. Recently, my main focus for linguistics is on morphology. Besides, I'm a fan of various genres of music, like pop, indie and alternative music. And I enjoy listening to songs in very different languages, mainly in English, Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.